Investment Banking

At M Power Capital, we are a prominent name in the field of investment banking, specializing in debt capital arrangement through securitization paper issues. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we have established ourselves as a leading player in the market. However, our services go beyond securitization, as we cater to diverse debt capital requirements of issuers across various sectors.

Debt Capital Arrangement

Our core strength lies in our ability to arrange debt capital through securitization paper issues. We excel in structuring and executing securitization transactions, allowing issuers to convert their illiquid assets into tradable securities. By securitizing assets, we help our clients unlock liquidity and diversify their funding sources. Our team of experts guides clients through the entire process, ensuring optimal structuring, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance.

Comprehensive Debt Capital Solutions

Beyond securitization, we understand that issuers have a wide range of funding needs. Therefore, we offer comprehensive solutions to fulfill both short-term and long-term debt capital requirements. Our dedicated team works closely with clients to understand their specific financial goals and design customized financing strategies. We have a deep understanding of various industries, including non-banking financial institutes, and we collaborate closely with institutional, high net worth, and retail clients.

Corporate Restructuring

Advising companies on financial restructurings, including debt refinancing, debt-for-equity swaps, and other strategies to improve the company’s financial position or address operational challenges.

Strategic Advisory

Providing strategic guidance and financial advice to corporate clients on various matters, including growth strategies, market entry, divestitures, joint ventures, and corporate governance issues.

Financial Modeling and Valuation

Conducting financial analysis, modeling, and valuation to assess the financial viability of transactions, pricing of securities, or the overall financial performance of companies.

Expertise and Experience

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in investment banking and debt capital markets. We bring deep industry knowledge and expertise to every client engagement.

Capital Raising

Helping companies raise capital through various means, such as initial public offerings (IPOs), follow-on offerings, private placements, debt issuance, and structured financing.

  • The products that we offer
  • Securitization
  • Listed and Unlisted Debentures
  • Commercial Papers
  • Structured Debt

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Assisting clients in buying, selling, merging, or restructuring businesses. This involves conducting due diligence, valuation analysis, negotiating deals, and advising on the overall transaction process.

Why Choose M Power Capital

Tailored Solutions

We recognize that each client has unique financial requirements. Our solutions are tailored to meet their specific needs, ensuring optimal outcomes and maximizing value.

Client-Centric Approach

At M Power Capital, we prioritize building strong relationships with our clients. We listen attentively, understand their goals, and work collaboratively to achieve their financial objectives.

Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to delivering excellence in all our services. Our diligent approach, attention to detail, and adherence to regulatory standards ensure the highest level of service quality.